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By accessing the site www.thefastshop.eu users agree to the terms and conditions listed below and applicable law in Romania. Users of this site are asked to read carefully the terms and conditions of use as following: www.thefastshop.eu reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use at any time by updating this site, these changes become mandatory with immediate effect for all users. The client declares that he fully understands these terms and totally agrees with those listed below, otherwise he is obliged to decline the order. In the following will be considered: www.thefastshop.eu -operating company MGT RETAIL SRL. who is situated at Str. Aurel Vlaicu 27/21, Cluj Napoca, Cluj County, Romania and operated by Timbus Gabriel. Through the website the user can access information on products and services offered by MGT RETAIL SRL. User - any person or entity who registers on the site and accept the conditions and terms of use of the site. All materials within the site are the intellectual property of MGT RETAIL SRL and may not be reproduced or copied, under penalty of law.

1. Disclaimer.

The entire content of the website is based on expressing representation marks as they are found on the European and international market. For these reasons MGT RETAIL SRL does not assume responsibility for product descriptions presented in the shop, which are identical to those provided to the Company or by their suppliers. Consequently, the images are displayed on site by way of example, and delivered products may suffer slightly different image / characteristics, due to their modification without prior notice by the producers.

2. The maximum value of MGT RETAIL SRL obligations to any customer in case of failure or improper delivery will never be higher than the amounts received by the Company from the customer for that order.

3. Methods of payment:

Online payments via Euplatesc (Visa/Maestro/Mastercard).

- If you chose to pay by “Online payments” it is necessary to fill in the information about your card on the secure page that will process the transaction.

- Payments made with credit/debit cards under the logo Visa and MasterCard (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro) are processed through the “3-D Secure” system by organisations that ensure that the level of security of your online transaction is as safe as if you had used an ATM machine or paid directly over the counter.

- “3-D Secure” ensures that there is no information about your card transferred or stored at any time on the shop server or on the server of the company that processes the payment since you enter the card details directly on the Visa or MasterCard system.

- Important to remember! Online card payments are not subject to additional bank charges!

Cash payment system: Applicable only to romanian customers.

Online payment service PayPal: For payments made throughthem,  PayPal does not charge any fee.

4. Domestic shipping :

-Roumanian Post Service

-Courier Service (Dragon Star Curier, Urgent Cargus) - only inside the covering range of the shipping companies

- Free shipping for shopping carts over 150 lei through courier service only inside the covering range of the shipping companies (0 kilometers) or by postal services in the other cities.



5. Products Waranty

All products sold by our site, have waranty according to law and trade policies of manufacturers. The products are new, in original packaging as delivered by the manufacturer.

6. The right of Return within 30 days,

Thefastshop.eu customers can return products purchased in their original packaging within 10 days of receipt without penalty and without giving any reason. Products will be returned at the expense of the client, using the same transport service which made the shipment. thefastshop.eu will return for the order within 30 days from the date of termination in writing of the return.

The amount returned and the conditions of return do not include transportation costs.

7..Seller's information and the site users www.thefastshop.eu

They will be used only for commercial communications with MGT RETAIL SRL. or with partners. MGT RETAIL SRL understandsthat any attempt to modify site content or to access users' personal data is considered as fraud. In these cases, MGT RETAIL SRL., reserves the right to take legal action against any persons who are guilty of such acts.

If found violations of copyright on our site please contact us as soon as possible by email office@thefastshop.eu

8. Availability and price

 Offers and products featured on the website www.thefastshop.eu are only available while supplies last. Prices of products displayed on www.thefastshop.eu are subject to change without prior communication.

9. By registering as a member

you will be asked to choose a username (email address) and password. You are responsible for (a) safekeeping a password as a member of this site, any activity under your user name is your full responsibility. You agree to notify us immediately of any loss of password or sign of unauthorized activity under your username. You are fully in the knowledge that all information, data, text, photographs, graphics, etc. on this site are the sole responsibility of the person / entity adds. In these circumstances you can not in any way, directly or indirectly, be held responsible for the content of your store you agree to the following: operators, managers and / or owners of the site are in no way responsible for relations or their consequences resulting from: purchases, special offers, promotions, promotions, or any other type of relationship / connection / transaction / collaboration / etc. that may arise between you and any of those who make direct or indirect promotion through us. Operators, administrators and / or its owners can not be held material nor any other form, directly or indirectly, responsible for the above.


 Complaints about the store or products supplied by www.thefastshop.eu may be submitted in writing to office@thefastshop.eu .If approached aspects were not resolved in a reasonable time within 48 hours on weekdays only Sunday, please get in touch for a free conciliation with Mr Timbus Gabriel, tel 0771196027. The complaint filed must contain all the following information: user information was entered as the www.thefastshop.eu, full name, a phone number where you can be contacted, email address or mailing address and description of the problem with which the complaint.

11.Privacy policy

 Information presented below are intended to inform the user more about placement, use and administration "cookies" used by site owned by MGT thefastshop.eu RETAIL SRL.  If you need more information, and they are not included below, please contact us at: office@thefastshop.eu